Ammerlaan The Green Innovator

Ammerlaan The Green Innovator has been cultivating high quality tropical green plants at its four hectare commercial nursery in Pijnacker for several decades now. 


Keywords that describe Ammerlaan are:


  • total product range: more than 100 species can be subdivided in approximately 400 varieties at 1 location


  • highest possible quality: this means hardened plants that have been kept at the nursery for several months before they are ready for sale. Plants only leave the greenhouse once they have reached an optimal condition.


  • sustainable: all plants are cultivated with a zero CO2 footprint thanks to the use of its new geothermal energy source.


  • flexibel: orders can be delivered within just a few hours and orders are possible from one plant to thousand and more. Extensive use is made of mixed cart orders that customers put together to meet their own taste. 


  • innovative: new plants are regularly added to the company's existing large selection. Ammerlaan is also constantly implementing innavation in the area of sustainable production technologies such as geothermal energy souces.